Best Vacuum For Stairs

When it comes to making decisions about what vacuum to buy, it can be very difficult sometimes. There are a lot of different kinds of vacuums to pick from each of which can have any number of features. It really can be overwhelming sometimes. For example, what is the best vacuum for stairs? What features would be useful? What kind of vacuum would be best? We will take a look at all of these questions to help you make your decision easier.

The variety of vacuums and the large number of options really can lead to a lot of confusion when it comes to picking out the best vacuum to fit your needs. All of these options can make some buyers feel a little lost, and this is normal. So, we will start by examining some of the basic kinds of vacuums and how they fit for use on stairs.

A very popular style of vacuum is the upright. This is a very handy design as they are easy to store in a closet. One way that they are a good design for stairs is that they are all in one piece. This makes it much more convenient to use to vacuum stairs than the 2 piece vacuums. Lugging around the 2 piece vacuums on stairs can be a real exercise in frustration as you have the 2 main pieces to move around and a large hose that can actually be rather unsafe for use on stairs.

The upright vacuums also come in a variety of sizes and power levels. If your stairs have carpet for example, you may well want an upright that has a powerful rotating brush to give your stairs a good cleaning. However, this will come with a heavier vacuum to lug around.

Another good option is a small portable vacuum. They are usually not as powerful as the larger ones of course, but they are tremendously light and easy to use on stairs. They are perfect for picking up light dirt and fluff that will build up and if used regularly will provide a decent option. They will not keep your carpeted stairs completely clean like a larger unit would. So, an option here is to use the small portable unit regularly and a larger vacuum once and a while for a deep cleaning.

Another option that many people consider is to simply use a small portable vacuum their stairs regularly and pay some professionals to clean them once and a while to get them like new. The portable vacuum is really used for maintenance in this example.